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Team Miller Lightening

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Kim’s jokes

Where does a cow take her children to eat?
The calfeteria.

What did the green light say to the red light?
Stop looking at me I’m changing.

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EB Dynamite Photos

EB Dynamite

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All About me

My name is Kimberly Anderson.  I live in New Jersey.  I’m in the fourth grade.  My favorite sport is basketball.  My favorite food is chocolate.  My dogs name is Abby.  My favorite TV show is Hannah Montana.  My favorite song is Tear Drops on my guitar by Taylor Swift.  For fun I like to go camping with my family.


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Abby is my dog. She is a black lab. She likes to go for walks, play fetch and run. She likes to lay down by our back door and look out the door. She has a happy face collar. She also has white paws and a white chest. Well thanks for reading about my dog!

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Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah

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Hello world!

This is Kimberly’s site.

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